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Especulación social: Copiar a los mejores traders.

La especulación social es una reciente manera de operar en el Forex, donde distintos inversores comparten la información y los conocimientos en una sola y misma plataforma. Otros agentes utilizan ahora este concepto y cada día seduce a más traders que pretenden hacer beneficios en el Forex sin preocuparse verdaderamente de sus inversiones sin ni siquiera aprender a realizar análisis u operar de manera concreta. La especulación social tal y como se la conoce hoy día no hubiera podido existir sin la aparición y el desarrollo de las plataformas de especulación en línea. En efecto, Internet ha sido la base para realizar transacciones financieras, y también para encontrar información útil para nuestras inversiones, en particular, intercambiando con otros traders en foros o redes sociales en línea. Así pues, la especulación social nació de la idea de reunir estos dos componentes en un solo y mismo lugar. En resumen, brindar la posibilidad a los traders de aconsejarse entre ellos o de intercambiar estrategias directamente desde su plataforma de inversión. Sin embargo, el trading social va aún más lejos, ya que permite seguir las posiciones de los otros traders inscritos y copiar a los mejores de ellos como por ejemplo Brian Shannon, Mark Minervini, Fernando Martínez Gómez Tejedor, Ashraf Laidi, entre otros, para disfrutar de los mismos niveles de ganancias. Pero las funcionalidades propuestas por los agentes en el marco de la especulación social no se detienen aquí. En efecto, además de una simple consulta de los resultados de los traders más experimentados, es posible seguir a uno o varios líderes en particular e incluso copiar automáticamente todas sus posiciones.
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“Gather round, gather round.” The old man spoke to the children excited to hear the man’s storytelling. It was Twilight, 8th Cycle and adults were all chatting together after the offering.
“Would you like to hear a story?” the old man asked, already knowing the answer would be yes. The children all murmured or nodded their heads. “I’ll tell you about Vreynar, the first Twilighter from this village who succeeded at his task. “It was 73 years ago.”
“Was that before they built the walls?” Asked a small boy wrapped in a forex fur coat.
“The walls were built long before then, Toryen. So it was 73 years ago, first Cycle of Twilight when Vreynar announced his task. His task was to tame a dire wolf.”
“But I thought dire wolves were too dangerous too tame?” asked a little girl.
“That’s what everyone else said! His friends and family begged him to choose an easier task such as staying awake for all of Twilight or hunting a dozen forex! But he could not, for it is tradition that you cannot change your task until it is completed. So the man, a boy really, went into the forest nearby and sat high in a tree waiting, watching. He waited and waited, sleeping in the tree and eating only the food he brought with him. He saw many animals up in his tree, wolves, hare, even a wooly hawk! But it wasn’t until the 3rd cycle that he saw a dire wolf. Verdyr and Penvei must have favored him because when he jumped onto it and wrestled he won. Giving the beast some food he taught it that it did not need to go hungry this coming winter. Vreynar returned to the spot in the forest each day until the 7th Cycle of Twilight where he found the dire wolf laying down and bleeding. He heard the growl of a forex and grabbed his spear, slaying the beast and saving the dire wolf. But the dire wolf was dying and he had to save it. He bandaged its wound and carried it into a nearby cave where he kept it safe. By the 9th Cycle he named the dire wolf Snow, for its coat was pure white. By the 10th Cycle of Twilight Snow was able to stand and Vreynar fed it daily, and on the 12th Cycle Vreynar and Snow were hunting together as one and on the 14th Cycle Vreynar brought Snow into the village, right where wise-man Foroe is sitting now” The old man looked to the wise-man, still burning the offerings to the gods for a bountiful Sunfall.
“There Vreynar showed the villagers and the gods that he had completed his task and tamed Snow. The villagers were amazed, and Snow behaved just like a dog, well, a very prideful dog, and he didn’t so much as growl at anyone. Over the years the two hunted together, and eventually headed off to the capital to compete in competitions in The Arena, and they lived happily until the end of their days roaming the country together as one.”
Then the villagers headed to bed, as the sun finally sank below the horizon for another coming winter. The old man looked somberly towards the forest and cried.
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